Introduction to OFDM – orthogonal Frequency division multiplexing – part 2

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If you are looking for Matlab code refer this ebook : Simulation of Digital Communication Systems by Mathuranathan Viswanathan

(1) Introduction to OFDM – Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
(2) An OFDM Communication System – Implementation Details
(3) Role of Cyclic Prefix in OFDM
(4) Simulation of OFDM system in Matlab – BER Vs Eb/N0 for OFDM in AWGN channel

Books on OFDM

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  • basil jeemon

    respected sir,
    you have a wonderful way of explaining things. All the best wishes for your future.

  • welcome. Thanks for the support

  • Sunny Kabbinada

    Hello… Can the PAPR be reduced using Peak insertion?.. How to contact you Mr. Mathuranathan.? Please provide your mail id

  • Gokul Boro

    Have you implemented OFDM system in SIMULINK? If yes, can you please share it. As I am new user of SIMULINK, I am unable to design the system.

    • Hi Gokul,
      I do not have a simulink model. Thanks for your interest