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Viterbi algorithm is utilized to decode the convolutional codes. Again the decoding can be done in two approaches. One approach is called hard decision decoding which uses Hamming distance as…

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Convolutional codes differ from block codes by means of method of operation. A convolutional encoder operates over serial data, whereas block codes operates over a block of input data. Also…

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Maximum Likelihood estimation (MLE) is an important tool in determining the actual probabilities of the assumed model of communication. In reality, a communication channel can be quite complex and a…

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Having covered the techniques of hard and soft decision decoding , its time to illustrate the most important concept of Maximum Likelihood Decoding. Maximum Likelihood Decoding: Consider a set of…

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Let’s expatiate on the concepts of hard decision and soft decision decoding.Consider a simple even parity encoder given below. Check out this ebook : Simulation of digital communication systems using…

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The concept of Hamming distance was discussed in a previous article. Minimum Hamming Distance (MHD) of a block code essentially tells us the error correcting capability of the code. A…

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Shannon’s limit does not depend on BER. Shannon’s limit tell us the minimum possible Eb/No required to achieve an arbitrarily small probability of error as M->∞. (M is the number…

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Its been too long since I posted. For a kick start ,i am continuing the theory on RS coding.Here is a simple Matlab code (which can be found in Matlab…

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