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Viterbi algorithm is utilized to decode the convolutional codes. Again the decoding can be done in two approaches. One approach is called hard decision decoding which uses Hamming distance as…

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Convolutional codes differ from block codes by means of method of operation. A convolutional encoder operates over serial data, whereas block codes operates over a block of input data. Also…

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The Hamming codes described in the previous articles are suitable for random bit errors in a sequence of transmitted bits. If the communication medium is prone to burst errors (channel…

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Channel Coding Latest Articles Reed Solomon codes

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Channel Coding Latest Articles

Introduction : Hamming Codes fall under the category of linear Block codes of Forward Error Correcting (FEC) codes. To understand how it can be constructed, consider the simplest \((7, 4)…

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The channel codes can be classified into two types. 1) Block Codes 2) Convolutional codes. There are many differences between block codes and convolutional codes. Block codes are based rigorously…

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Channel Coding Latest Articles

The next block in a communication system is the Channel coding block. There is an important difference between Channel coding and source coding. Source coding attempts to compress the data…

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Channel Coding Latest Articles