Symbol Timing Recovery for QPSK (digital modulations)

What is Symbol timing Recovery : When transmitting data across a communication system, three things are important: frequency of transmission, phase information and the symbol rate. In coherent detection/demodulation, both the transmitter and receiver posses the knowledge of exact symbol timing and symbol phase (and/or symbol frequency). While everything is…
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Square Root Raised Cosine Filter (Matched/split filter implementation)

An implementation of a rectangular pulse shaping filter in transmitter and receiver side was discussed in the previous article. Another pulse shaping filter namely Raised Cosine Filter was also discussed. The code was modified a bit to implement a Square Root Raised Cosine Filter (SRRC). Instead of using a single…
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Oversampling, ADC – DAC Conversion,pulse shaping and Matched Filter

In order to simulate a communication system in Matlab one needs to understand the concept of oversampling (upsampling) and undersampling (downsampling). Digital communication systems involves conversion of digital data to analog form (with some modulation,coding stuffs ) at the transmitter side. The data transmitted through a channel is in analog…
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