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MIMO System model


I have this lame doubt which has ended up confusing me which is probably trivial. I am modelling a MU-MIMO system with a Rayleigh fading channel. I have created a wanted signal as an OFDM signal, and generated a 3D Rayleigh Channel matrix over all sub carriers. I want to now multiply the transmit vector(OFDM signal) to the 3D channel matrix. Should i convert both the channel matrix and wanted signal in frequency domain add noise (y(f) = H(f)*x(f)+n(f)), and then convert it back to time domain (ifftn(y(f)))and provide an estimate using MRC,ZF or MMSE methods. (yHat(t) = H(t).’ * y(t) )
Or is it just a direct multiplication of y(t)=H(t)*x(t)+n(t) as i understand from most of the literature (–> y = Hx+n). If so why isnt it convolved when its combined in time domain.
I am new to link level system modelling and ending up in such trivial doubts.