Phaselock Techniques – Floyd M. Gardner [Book review]

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The author, Floyd M. Gardner an influential expert in the area of PLLs, has presented a good reference book that encompasses all the theoretical and mathematical concepts for the phase locked loop (PLL) design. The collection of topics in this book provides an excellent source of information to researchers and engineers for understanding and application of phaselock techniques. It includes details on applications of PLLs like – oscillator stabilizers, phase locked modulators, and demodulators, treatment of synthesizers, transponders receivers and data synchronizers. In-depth analysis of both analog and digital PLL designs is also provided.

All aspects of understanding the basics of phase noise is also covered. Topics in this area include basics of phase noise and its sources, phase noise characteristics, effect of circuits (like mixers,multipliers) on phase noise and effect of closed loop system design on phase noise etc..,

The newest edition has up-to-date topics, all based on research papers and hence is a great source of information for newbies and experts in the PLL design field.

On the downside, though the book has covered all the topics with great mathematical detail, it is devoid of numerical examples. Hence, some readers may find it little boring and too technical.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a golden reference on PLL design, this book is a great grab.

Book Details:

Floyd M. Gardner, ‘Phaselock Techniques’, Wiley-Interscience – 3 edition, July 29 – 2005, ISBN-13: 978-0471430636, 450 pages

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Transfer Functions of Analog PLLs.
3. Graphical Aids.
4. Digital PLLs: Transfer Functions and Related Tools.
5. Tracking.
6. Effects of Additive Noise.
7. Effects of Phase Noise.
8. Acquisition of Phaselock.
9. Oscillators.
10. Phase Detectors.
11. Loop Filters.
12. Charge-Pump Phaselock Loops.
13. Digital (Sampled) Phaselock Loops.
14. Anomalous Locking.
15. PLL Frequency Synthesizers.
16. Phaselocked Modulators and Demodulators.
17. Miscellaneous Applications of Phaselock Loops.